Cover of PAST 104

PAST 104

Summer 2023

Artefacts of Arran pitchstone from Slewcairn Early Neolithic funerary monument, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Torben Ballin ( and Alison Sheridan (, both Independent Researchers
Ponteland Leisure Centre, Northumberland: an Early Bronze Age ring ditch on the Northumberland coastal plain
Milena Grzybowska (, Archaeological Research Services Ltd
The first Middle Bronze Age rectilinear enclosure discovered in south Wales
Oliver Davis ( and Niall Sharples, both Cardiff University
Programme of Meetings 2023–2024
Conference Grant Fund Reports 2022
Prehistory in the Past and the Past of Prehistory
Kate Sumnall, Curator of Archaeology, Museum of London
Invisible death rites in the early Neolithic: results of archaeothanatological analysis of Linearbandkeramik funerary practices
I Wilks (, P Bickle (Univ of York) M Furholt, M Wunderlich, K Fuchs, (Kiel Univ); Z Hukelova, (Inst of Arch of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) Z Tvrdý (Moravské zemské museum, Czechia) & T Booth (Francis Crick Institute)
Preliminary geoarchaeological survey on a Bronze Age landscape in south-central Sardinia
Gianbattista Marras (, Julia Gustafson, both University of Cambridge, and Eóin W. Parkinson, Queen’s University Belfast