Council & Officers


Prof Clive Gamble


Dr Eileen Wilkes
Dr Jacqui Mulville
Prof Linda Hurcombe
Dr Joanna Brück


Dr Rachel Crellin

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Clare Randall

Conservation Co-Ordinator

Dr Jane Sidell

Editor of PPS

Dr Julie Gardiner

Deputy Editor of PPS

Dr Courtney Nimura

Editor of PAST

Ms Susan Greaney

Prehistoric Society Research Papers Editor

Dr Mike Allen

Meetings Secretary

Dr Matt Knight

Book Reviews Editor

Ms Pippa Bradley

Day school Co-Ordinator

Dr Sophia Adams

Ordinary Council Members

Dr Anne Teather
Mr Rob Hedge
Dr Susanna Harris
Dr Richard Brunning
Dr Felicity McDowall
Dr Ben Roberts
Ms Annabell Zander
Dr James Cole

Honorary Council Member
(as representative of the Société préhistorique française)

Dr Michael Ilett

Membership and Administrative Secretary

Dr Tessa Machling

Note: COUNCIL comprises all the above, except the Membership and Admin secretary, who attends.

The EXECUTIVE comprises the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of PPS, plus two members of Council (Membership and Admin secretary in attendance).