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Prehistory in the Present

Prehistoric Society day school: online & in person

Prehistory in the Present is the second in this series of Day Schools on Prehistory: past, present and future. The day school will be online and in person.

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The prehistory of a lost landscape beneath the North Sea: past, present and future

Annual joint lecture with FEAG & HIAG: in person
Dr James Walker (Bradford University)

This presentation will show how Doggerland was important to the birth of prehistoric archaeology, how it was, for a time, largely forgotten, and why there has been a resurgence of interest.

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Palaeo-London. Thinking About The Ice Age Archaeology and Environments of the Capital

Annual joint lecture with LAMAS: online & in person
Dr Matt Pope (UCL)

From the first recorded discovery of a Palaeolithic tool through to the professional commercial excavations taking place in the city in recent years, we’ll consider how the London landscape was shaped by ice and water, and the early human populations who adapted, or not, to the dramatic cycles of climate change evidenced in the gravels and clays of the city’s deep past.

Image: Tabitha Paterson

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Inhabiting temperate Europe in the 4th-1st millennia BC.

Europa conference 2024: online & in person

The Prehistoric Society Europa Conference 2024: Inhabiting temperature Europe in the 4th-1st millennia BC will be held in Edinburgh at the Augustine United Church on 15th June 2024. This year the conference honours the achievements of Prof. Ian Ralston, Emeritus Abercromby Professor of Archaeology (School of History, Classics & Archaeology, University of Edinburgh), in the field of European Prehistory. 


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