Resources overview

As part of our commitment to making prehistory accessible to everyone, the Prehistoric Society publishes a range of free resources aimed at those teaching and learning about this fascinating period of our human past.

We offer a set of downloadable introductions to different aspects of prehistoric studies, Signposts to prehistoric sites and teaching resources for use in the teaching of prehistoric topics at National Curriculum Key-Stage 2. All our teaching and learning resources have been written by experts and present up-to-date information in an accessible way.

Teaching Resources Introduction

A welcome message from Professor Clive Gamble, introducing our teaching resources.

Prehistory Teaching Resources

Download our free-to-use prehistory course, consisting of 11 lessons complete with lesson plans, teaching notes and Powerpoint presentations.

Introductions to Prehistory

Explore our short Introductions to Prehistory, covering important archaeological methods and key prehistoric periods.

Signposts to Prehistory

The Signposts to Prehistory provide up-to-date, authoritative information about various types of prehistoric site.