Pushing the Boundaries; new approaches in (studying) the prehistoric past: A day in honour of John Coles

A portrait of the archaeologist John Coles.


This event will be a one-off in celebration of the achievements and legacy of one of Britain’s most influential archaeologists, Professor John Coles, who was sadly lost to us in 2020. It will be organised around four themes that were dear to his heart: Heritage Management, Wetland Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology and Rock Art. Two key speakers will address each topic and there will be invited shorter, personal contributions and a discussion to round off the morning and afternoon.

Confirmed speakers include: Martin Bell, Bob Bewley, Richard Bradley, Richard Brunning, Ed CarriereDale Croes, Anne Crone, Marta Diaz-Guardamino, Bo Graslund, Linda Hurcombe, Simon Kaner, Matt Knight, Steve Minnitt, Courtney Nimura, Roeland Paardekooper, Marion Uckelmann.

The British Academy has recently added a memoir for John on its website

Please find below a donwloadable copy of 'Yesterday’s Man - An archaeological life 1955 - 1980' by John Coles.