PAST Issue 92 cover


Summer 2019

A multi-method analysis of springbok dentition to reconstruct South African palaeovegetation changes
Lauren Sewell (, Sally Christine Reynolds, Ellen Hambleton and John Stewart, all Bournemouth University, and Gildas Merceron, Université de Poitiers
Landscape Archaeology of Southwest Sardinia
Thomas Leppard, Florida State University (tleppard@, Elizabeth A. Murphy, Florida State University, Andrea Roppa, Universitá degli Studi di Padova, Emanuele Madrigali, Missione Archeologica Pani Loriga, Carmen Esposito, Queen’s University Belfast
Early Neolithic land use and chronology in south-west Germany
Raiko Krauss, University of Tübingen (raiko.krauss@unituebingen. de), Jörg Bofinger, State Office for the Preservation of Monuments Baden-Württemberg (
Exploring the long-term anthropisation of the Cantabrian Mountains since later prehistory in Babia, León (NW Iberia)
David González-Álvarez1,2 (david.gonzalez-alvarez@incipit., Kayt Armstrong2, Jorge Canosa-Betés1 1 Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit), CSIC, Spain; 2 Durham University, UK
Statement of financial activities for the year ended 31 December 2018
Programme of meetings 2019–2020
Landscapes of the Dead: Exploring Bronze Age Barrowscapes
Anwen Cooper, University of Manchester (
An OASIS for prehistoric studies
Tim Evans, Archaeology Data Service, University of York (
Proud of ‘doing different’ in Earlier Bronze Age West Norfolk. Revisiting Seahenge twenty years on
Clive Jonathon Bond, The University of Winchester ( and West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Archaeological Society
Knowle Hill Farm, Dorset, UK. A Chalcolithic (very) cold case?
Gabrielle Delbarre, Bournemouth University (gdelbarre@, Dr Joshua Pollard, Southampton University, Dr Martin Green, Down Farm Museum, Dr Martin Smith, Bournemouth University, Dr Phillip Endicott, University of Uppsala, Dr Mike Allen
Mount Chikiani and its obsidian sources: a long-lasting exploitation system
Paolo Biagi ( and Renato Nisbet (, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy