The front cover of PAST

PAST 103

Spring 2023

A multi-barrow enclosure at Forty Acre Lane, Harting, West Sussex
Stuart Needham (, Dom Escott ( and Martin Bell, University of Reading
The Hallstatt Collection at the Ashmolean Museum
Courtney Nimura (, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Jennifer Foster (, Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford, and Alison Roberts (, A
Wrapped bones in a Bronze Age cist – a cautionary tale
Susanna Harris (, Richard Jones, Nicki Whitehouse, all University of Glasgow; Robin Allaby, Alan Clapham, Annabelle De Vries, Teri Hansford, Shuya Zhang, all University of Warwick; and Richard Carlton, Newcastle University
The Prehistoric Society 2022
Notice of AGM and Europe Conference 2023
Two new research volumes
Undergraduate dissertation prize – submissions open!
When did the cows come home? Exploring Bronze Age animal husbandry with isotopes and X-rays
David Osborne (, University of Nottingham
Excavations at Arminghall timber circle and henge
Andy Hutcheson (, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture, University of East Anglia, Matt Brudenell and Mark Knight, both Cambridge Archaeological Unit
Unveiling the herding-farming communities of Mediterranean north-west Africa, c.1300–700 BC: the hilltop settlement of Kach Kouch
Hamza Benattia Melgarejo (, University of Barcelona