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PAST 101

Summer 2022

The Tregiffian project: analysis of an entrance grave
Andy M Jones (, Cornwall Archaeological Unit and Henrietta Quinnell, University of Exeter
Re-dating of a notable Early Neolithic pit at Rookery Hill, Bishopstone, East Sussex
Jon Bączkowski (, Institute of Archaeology, Department of Environmental Archaeology & Human Paleoecology, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Test excavations at the early prehistoric site of Wogan Cavern (Pembroke, Wales)
Rob Dinnis, University of Aberdeen (, Jennifer C. French, University of Liverpool and John Boulton, Devon Spelæological Society
Investigating radiocarbon offsets from marine molluscs on carbonate substrates
Kerry Allen (, Queen’s University Belfast
Sourcing prehistoric materials – new perspectives: the contribution and legacy of Joan Taylor
Programme of meetings 2022–2023
Early Bronze Age livestock farming at Swalecliffe, Kent
Peter Slaughter (
Call for proposals for Trans-National Access to scientific facilities and expertise
Gill Campbell, Historic England
The South West Implement Petrology Group Stone Axe website and online catalogue
Andy M Jones (, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Tom Cadbury, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Amal Khreisheh, South West Hertiage Trust, Mik Markham Independant Researcher, David Dawson, Chair, SWIPG, Henrietta Quinnell, University of Exe
Between a rock and a soft place: a Beaker-period double burial at the West Kennet Palisade Enclosures, Avebury
Jess Thompson (, University of Cambridge, Dave Durkin, Independent Researcher, Ben Chan, Bournemouth University, Stuart Eve, L-P Archaeology, Mark Gillings, Bournemouth University and Joshua Pollard, University of Southampton