Book reviews

The Prehistoric Society provides reviews of recently published books on all areas of prehistory. We handpick experts on relevant fields to produce thoughtful reviews that summarise content and present individual perspectives on new publications.

We also accept proposals for reviews. Please get in touch with our Reviews Editor via if you’d like to discuss an idea for a review. Guidelines for reviews can be found below.

Download Book Review Guidelines (Word docx, 146 KB)
Stonehenge: The story so far
J. Richards
Reviewed by Jim Leary (University of York)
The archaeology of prehistoric burnt mounds in Ireland
Alan Hawkes
Reviewed by Mike Hodder (Honorary Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Birmingham)
Transforming the landscape: Rock art and the Mississippian cosmos
Edited by C. Diaz-Granados, J. Simek, G. Sabo III and M. Wagner
Reviewed by H. Denise Smith (Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta)
Art and architecture in Neolithic Orkney
A. Thomas
Reviewed by Tanja Romankiewicz (University of Edinburgh)
Understanding collapse: Ancient history and modern myths
Guy D. Middleton
Reviewed by John C. Barrett (University of Sheffield)
A Celtic feast: the Iron Age Cauldrons from Chiseldon, Wiltshire
Jody Joy
Reviewed by Sabine Gerloff (Berlin)
The Neolithic of Britain and Ireland
Vicki Cummings
Reviewed by Miles Russell (University of Bournemouth)
The times of their lives: Hunting history in the archaeology of Neolithic europe
A. Whittle
Reviewed by John Chapman (Independent scholar)
The classification of Chalcolithic and EBA copper and bronze axe-heads from Southern Britain
S. Needham
Reviewed by Dot Boughton (Oxford Archaeology)
Understanding ancient fortifications: between regionality and connectivity
Edited by A. Balmer, M. Fernandez-Goetz and D. P Melke
Reviewed by Colin Haselgrove (University of Leicester)
The passage tomb archaeology of the great mound at Knowth
G. Eogan and K. Cleary
Reviewed by Richard Bradley (University of Reading)
Neolithic Stepping Stones: Excavation and survey within the western seaways of Britain
D. Garrow and F. Sturt
Reviewed by Alison Sheridan (National Museum Scotland)
North meets South: Theoretical aspects on the Northern & Southern rock art traditions in Scandinavia
P. Skogland, J. Ling and U. Bertilsson
Reviewed by Clare Busher O'Sullivan (University College Cork)
The ancient Celts (2nd edition)
B. Cunliffe
Reviewed by Jody Joy (University of Cambridge)
The Roman Amphitheatre of Chester, Volume 1: The Prehistoric and Roman archaeology
T. Wilmott and D. Garner
Reviewed by Nicky Garland (Newcastle University)
A lake dwelling in its landscape: Iron Age settlement at Cults Loch, Castle Kennedy
G. Cavers and A. Crone
Reviewed by Benjamin Gearey (University College Cork)
Painting pots, painting people: Late Neolithic ceramics in ancient Mesopatamia
W. Cruells, I. Mateiciucova and O. Nieuwenhuyse
Reviewed by Emilie Sibbesson (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Bodies of Clay: Prehistoric humanised pottery
H. Schwarzberg and V. Becker
Reviewed by Maria Mina (University of Cyprus)
Cartimandua's Capital:The late Iron Age royal site at Stanwick, North Yorkshire
Edited by C. Haselgrove
Reviewed by Ian Armit (University of Bradford)
Fishing: How the sea fed civilisation
B. Fagan
Reviewed by Harry K. Robson (University of York)