Book reviews

The Prehistoric Society provides reviews of recently published books on all areas of prehistory. We handpick experts on relevant fields to produce thoughtful reviews that summarise content and present individual perspectives on new publications.

We also accept proposals for reviews. Please get in touch with our Reviews Editor via if you’d like to discuss an idea for a review. Guidelines for reviews can be found below.

Star Carr, Volumes 1 & 2
N. Milner, C. Conneller and B. Taylor
Reviewed by Pippa Bradley (Wessex Archaeology)
The Poole Iron Age logboat
Edited by J. Berry, D. Parham and C. Appelby
Reviewed by Michael Bamforth (Research Associate, University of York; Honorary Research Fellow, University of Sheffield)
Axe-heads and Identity: An investigation into the roles of imported axe-heads in identity formation in Neolithic Britain
K. Walker
Reviewed by Andy M. Jones (Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Truro)
Making a mark: Image and process in Neolithic Britain and Ireland
A.M. Jones and M. Diaz-Guardamino
Reviewed by Kate Sharpe (University of Durham)
Neolithic and Bronze age funerary and ritual practices in Wales, 3600-1200BC
G. Tellier
Reviewed by Jodie Lewis (University of Worcester)
Neolithic cave burials: Agency, structure and environment
R. Peterson
Reviewed by Marion Dowd (Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland)
L'habitat et l'occupation des sols a l'age du bronze et au debut du premier age do fer
L. Carozza, C. Marcigny and M. Talon
Reviewed by Brendan O'Connor (Edinburgh)
Movement, exchange and identity in Europe in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC
A. Lehoerff and M. Talon
Reviewed by Brendan O'Connor (Edinburgh)
The Beaker People. Isotopes, mobility and diet in prehistoric Britain
Edited by M. Parker Pearson, A. Sheridan, M. Jay, A. Chamberlain, M. P Richards and J. Evans
Reviewed by Marc Vander Linden (University of Cambridge)
The Gwithian landscape: Molluscs and archaeology on Cornish sand dunes
T.M. Walker
Reviewed by Mike Allen (Allen Environmental Archaeology and Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science, Bournemouth University)
The power of ritual in prehistory: Secret societies and origins of social complexity
B. Hayden
Reviewed by Timothy Clack (University of Oxford)
The Selhurst Park Project: Middle Barn, Selhurst Park Farm, Eartham, West Sussex, 2005-2008
G. Anelay
Reviewed by Louise Rayne (Archaeology South-East, UCL Institute of Archaeology)
Bronze Age settlement and land use in Thy, northwest Denmark
Edited by J-H Bech, B. Valentin Eriksen and K. Kristiansen
Reviewed by Mark Vander Linden (University of Cambridge)
Kingdom, civitas and county: The evolution of territorial identity in the English landscape
S. Rippon
Reviewed by Paul Booth
Late Iron Age Calleva: The Pre-Conquest Occupation At Silchester Insula IX. Silchester Roman Town: The Insula IX Town Life Project: Volume 3
M. Fulford, A. Clarke, E. Durham and N. Pankhurst
Reviewed by Nicky Garland (Newcastle University)
Narratives and journeys in rock art: A reader
G. Nash and A. Mazel
Reviewed by K. Lymer (Wessex Archaeology)
Relentlessly plain: 7th millennium ceramics at Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria
O. Nieuwenhuyse
Reviewed by Jonathan Last (Historic England)
The prehistoric archaeology of the A477 St Clears to Red Roses Road improvement scheme 2012
A. Barber, A. Hardy and A. Mudd
Reviewed by Steve Burrow (Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales)
Riversides: Neolithic barrows, a beaker grave, Iron Age and Anglo Saxon burials at Trumpington
C. Evans, S. Lucy and R. Patten
Reviewed by N. Brown
The Beaker Phenomenon? Understanding the character and context of social practices in Ireland 2500-2000 BC
N. Carlin
Reviewed by A. Gibson