Research Fund

Application deadline: 31st January annually

Grants from this fund are to assist research into prehistory in any part of the world. Preference is likely to be given to small-scale projects less likely to attract significant funding from other major sources.

Grants will not usually be given for work directly related to a higher degree or to students in receipt of Research Studentships (student travel grants are offered from the John and Bryony Coles award).

The Society usually makes several awards from this fund within the range of £100-£1500 per award.

Bob Smith Fund and Leslie Grinsell Award

In conjunction with the general fund, the Society administers the Bob Smith Fund and the Leslie Grinsell Award. Both the above-named awards are selected from applications to the general fund and are offered to projects closest to the research interests of Bob Smith and Leslie Grinsell.

Separate applications are not necessary.


The Research Fund is open only to members of the Prehistoric Society.

The Prehistoric Society cannot accept applications for salaries or student funding.

Post-excavation work relating to excavations not originally sponsored by the Society will only be considered in situations of exceptional research potential that exceed reasonable, initial planning expectations.

Where applications are being made to help fund an excavation, the Society will only consider funding the project to assessment stage. The society may, however, consider an application to fund post-excavation work in the following year.

Application forms

Please return completed forms to