Events Fund

Application deadline: None - available year-round

The Prehistoric Society currently funds and supports a variety of events, lectures and conference in collaboration with other societies and partners. Grants from this fund are to support the running and coordination of such events relating to prehistory.

Prehistoric Society support must be recognised in event materials and advertising and by including Society flyers and/or postcards in conference packs where appropriate. The Society logo, flyers, etc., will be supplied to conference organisers by the Meetings Secretary.

The Society usually makes several awards from this fund in a single year and we offer support through two awards: one supporting conferences and the other supporting joint lectures with other societies.

Conference support

Support for conferences is available up to a maximum amount of £200 for:

  1. conferences organised by students, early career researchers or unwaged researchers;
  2. conferences designed to promote ongoing research by students, early career researchers or unwaged researchers or where a significant proportion of the speakers fall into these categories.

Joint meetings with other societies

The Prehistoric offers support for coordinating joint lectures with other societies, assisting with speaker travel and accommodation costs and with refreshment costs up to the value of £100.


Applicants must submit the relevant application form to the Meetings Secretary ( at least 3 months in advance of the conference, and ideally in time for the Council meeting (February, May or October) immediately preceding the conference date.