Reviewing the evidence from Arminghall Timber Circle/ Henge and Warham Camp Iron Age Fort: anchor monuments for the stewardship of prehistoric landscapes.

Joint annual lecture with NNAS (online & in person)
Dr Andy Hutcheson (Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures)
Norwich Castle Museum
NNAS excavation


The Later Prehistoric Norfolk Project is exploring ancient landscapes, including those around Arminghall Timber Circle and Henge and Warham Camp Iron Age Fort. Both are monuments that provide a point in time for subsequent developments within their nearby landscapes and both seem to have been foci. The project has sought a better understanding of the chronology for these monuments and the kinds of activity associated with them. This is a point of departure for analysis of the development of these cultural landscapes. In the case of Arminghall, much of the surrounding area seems to lack monuments dating from earlier in the Neolithic. It appears that Arminghall was the first and the subsequent concentration of ring ditches and barrows were placed in reference to it. Warham Camp also sits chronologically at the beginning of a set of changes within a landscape during the Iron Age through to intensive use of the area in the Roman period. Through charting the development of these landscapes we hope to come to a better understanding of them which in turn we hope will lead to wider public engagement with these places and other ancient landscapes. Engendering concepts of stewardship is a key aim for this work, again potentially leading to better civic management of ancient landscapes.