Beyond Symbols of Power: Life in Middle Neolithic grave goods in Eastern Yorkshire

Joint annual lecture with YAHS (in person event)
Dr Jake Rowland, Southampton University
Leeds City Museum, Millennium Square, Leeds, LS2 8BH
Whitegrounds adze


The round barrows, flat graves and mortuary features of Eastern Yorkshire have yielded some of the largest and most elaborate Neolithic grave assemblages ever found in Britain. From the extraordinary array of axeheads, knives and arrowheads from Duggleby Howe, Whitegrounds and Ayton East Field, to more unusual objects; worked boar tusks, antler ‘maceheads’ and jet beads and ‘belt sliders’. But what were these objects used for? How did they function in Neolithic society? And what do their lives tell us about the people they were interred with and the communities that deposited them?  This lecture presents new evidence that challenges many of the previously held assumptions about these objects and places them within their broader context in Middle Neolithic Britain.

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