Bog Bodies: face-to-face with the past

Joint Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society lecture
Dr Melanie Giles (Manchester University)
Leeds Civic Museum
An illustrated representation of Tollund Man by Rose Ferraby.


Dr Melanie Giles encourages us to revisit the iconic phenomenon of bog bodies, through the story of Manchester Museum’s ‘bog head’ from Astley Moss, Worsley. By thinking differently about these landscapes, the many different kinds of artefacts also found in bogs, and the meaning of violence in later prehistoric and early Roman worlds, she will encourage us to tell more subtle stories around these discoveries, which addresses both their lives and deaths.

She will end with some of the more creative ways in which museums have been responding to concerns about if and how we display human remains, encouraging us to see our archaeological work as a kind of ‘care’ for the ancient dead

This event is organised by The Prehistory Research Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society and The Prehistoric Society. Thanks to Leeds City Museum support in providing the venue.

Please note: should Government restrictions on social distancing be in place at the time of this event it will be subject to cancellation.